Dear grad students,

Please read the following information carefully and keep this email handy!



2nd semester students should be in the process of figuring out who their thesis chair or capstone advisor is going to be; and thesis students should be working with their thesis chair to be figuring out a topic, a committee, and a plan.


4th semester students should be working closely with their capstone advisor/ thesis chair to be finishing a complete draft of your capstone/ thesis, if you have not already done so; and in the case of thesis students, scheduling or  getting ready to schedule your thesis defense.



Starting next semester, Theory and Praxis (ANTH 8000) will no longer be a required course. However, it will take time for this change to work its way through the bureaucracy. In the meantime, if you would like to take another anthropology course (ANY anthropology course that isn’t being used for another required course) instead of ANTH 8000, I can substitute that for you in degreeworks. You are of course still welcome to take ANTH 8000—it is a great course!


Thesis students who will be in their 3rd semester in the fall (students who started in Fall 2022) should enroll in ANTH 8970 “Thesis Prospectus” for the fall semester.


Please let me know if you are having any issues, concerns, or questions, and keep me updated!

Take care,

Dr. Black


Steven P. Black

(One of the great things about email is that it is asynchronous mediated communication. Therefore, please do not expect an immediate response)

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies/ Department of Anthropology / Georgia State University

National Geographic Explorer (2021-2022)

Treasurer / Society for Medical Anthropology / American Anthropological Association

Senior Editor / Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology

The Global Health Discourse Project / GSU Anthropology / Book: Speech and Song at the Margins of Global Health

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