Dear Graduate Students,


Hope you and your loved ones are doing well. My DGS term will end in June and itís time for me to go back to research and teaching. I am grateful for all your support in the past 5 years. I enjoyed the DGS experiences which are valuable and unforgettable to me. It has been a sincere pleasure providing services to our graduate students and faculty.


Dr. Skums will be the new DGS. Dr. Wei Li and Dr. Ashok will be the new Associate DGSs. From now on, our new DGSs will start to take over the following duties. Please make sure you provide the correct contact information when filling in the corresponding forms.

Milestone form approval --- Dr. Skums
CPT, RCL, Hiring request approval --- Dr. Ashok
Teaching fellow/Lab TA/Grader assignment --- Dr. Wei Li
MS Advisor assignment --- Dr. Wei Li
Graduation audit --- Dr. Wei Li
Transfer of Credits & Foundation Course Waiver --- Dr. Ashok (Another faculty member will take over soon)
8900/9900 seminar --- Dr. Plis
Concentration change approval --- Dr. Takabi

Please let me know if I can be of any help during the transition to make it as smooth as possible.


Wish you all the best!  




Dr. Yingshu Li


Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Computer Science

Georgia State University