Applications are now open for the spring 2022 Computer Science Undergraduate Teaching Assistant & STEM Tutoring Program(s)





The Computer Science Department will be hiring undergraduates to assist with tutoring for the below courses - for spring 2022 - as well as for grading for CSC 1301, CSC 1302 and CSC 2510.  Please note that some of the tutoring positions will be virtual. 


  •        CSC 1301 Principles of Computer Science 1
  •        CSC 1302 Principles of Computer Science 2
  •        CSC 2510 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
  •        CSC 2720 Data Structures
  •        CSC 3210 Comp Org and Programming 
  •        CSC 3320 System-Level Programming


 Below is a list of duties for the UTA position:


1. Analyzing programming assignments for correctness, efficiency, and clarity, and providing written feedback.

2. Grading exams and/or assignments.

3. Holding tutoring hours (for 1301, 1302, 2510, 2720, 3210 and 3320).

4. Attending periodic group coordination meetings.

5. Being responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of student educational records, subject to FERPA's requirements.


The pay rate for the position is $10.00 per hour, with an estimated workload of 8 hours per week.


Please fill out the below application with as much detail as possible. The hiring committee will start reviewing the spring 2022 applications immediately.



*The UTA program is very attractive to recruiters and has often been mentioned as the MOST important item listed on a student’s resume. Below you will see the job placements of previous UTAs.


·         General Electric / Software Engineer (begins summer 2020)

·          NCR / Software Engineer (begins summer 2020)

·         NCR Corporation / Information Technology Analyst

·         The Home Depot / Software Engineer Intern

·         Avanade / Software Engineer

·         Sogeti / IT Consultant

·         VSoft Corporation / System Administrator

  • PhD students in Computer Science or related fields  




Mr. Jamie Hayes | Academic Program Coordinator | GSU Computer Science

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