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Applications Due Dec 15, 2021


As part of our continuing commitment to excellence and equity, we at MIT CSAIL are excited to announce our second annual Mentored Opportunity in Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (METEOR) to broaden participation in computing and artificial intelligence.


The METEOR fellowship will support exceptional researchers from groups historically underrepresented in the field. They will conduct cutting-edge research as part of a vibrant community, and prepare for careers in academia or industry. Each fellow will be hosted by a research group with synergistic scientific interests and receive research training, mentoring, and guidance from faculty researchers at MIT CSAIL and mentorship from researchers at a partner company.


Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) or DACA recipients and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Member of an ethnic or racial group historically underrepresented in graduate education at MIT (Black/African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or other Native Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latinx)
  2. Being of a gender or orientation identity historically underrepresented in computer science and artificial intelligence, including women, trans of any gender, or non-binary
  3. A scholar participating in a fellowship or academic support program vetted by MIT (CSAIL will verify an applicant’s status while pursuing a doctoral degree at a U.S. institution)
  4. First-generation college students who were the first in their families to graduate from a four-year college or university
  5. Experiences overcoming significant challenges in their path toward graduate school -- examples include but are not limited to:

1.      Managing a disability

2.      Veteran status

3.      Single parent

4.      Holding DACA status

5.      Financial hardship as a result of family economic circumstances


As with our 2021 fellows, postdoctoral researchers selected this round will be awarded a one-year funded appointment (renewable for a second year) and will conduct cutting-edge research at MIT CSAIL on computer science and artificial intelligence topics of their choice. `


Applications are due December 15. For more details about this program, eligibility, and the application process, please visit the METEOR program website.


Daniela Rus

MIT CSAIL Director



MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory pioneers new research in computing that improves the way people work, play, and learn. MIT CSAIL is a driving force behind computing’s increasingly central role in our lives, attracting original thinkers who imagine and build computing technologies that better our world. None of this is possible without the talent of a diverse group of researchers united by their passion for innovation. MIT CSAIL strongly believes that talent and creativity are independent of one’s race, ethnicity, the gender they identify with, their sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability status, family situation, or any other identity. MIT CSAIL also knows that true and shared innovation in computer science and artificial intelligence needs the synergistic perspectives of diverse groups of outstanding people. 

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