Dear CS students: 


The Department of Computer Science offers free online tutoring for the following core 1000-, 2000-, and 3000-level courses:

CSC 1301 (Principles of Computer Science I)

CSC 1302 (Principles of Computer Science II)

CSC 2510 (Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science)

CSC 2720 (Data Structures)

CSC 3210 (Computer Organization and Programming)

CSC 3320 (System-Level Programming)


We have finalized the tutoring schedule for this fall semester. You can check out the tutoring schedule at Tutoring services are available 7 days a week, including weekends. 


For this fall semester, we offer tutoring in both online and face-to-face modes. The online tutoring hours are highlighted in ORANGE in the schedule when tutors will only be available for online tutoring. Online tutoring happens through the web portal The face-to-face tutoring hours are highlighted in GREEN in the schedule. Face-to-face tutoring is located at the STEM tutoring center on campus on the 1st Floor of Sports Arena: Rooms 113,114,115 or 108. To find the tutoring rooms, please follow the signs for the STEM Center tutoring.


Tutoring has proven to be effective in helping students to overcome difficulties in learning and to improve class grades. I would strongly encourage you to utilize this service for the related courses that you are taking this semester. 



Xiaolin Hu

Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Computer Science