This fall semester, Google is hosting two skill building series - one focused on coding practice and another on career development. Both series are open to any Computer Science student, but each has been designed to focus on different skill levels. Please complete this form to receive more information about these offerings.


About the two Google series:

Problem of the Week is a 5-week coding skills practice series. Each week you’ll practice a different coding problem and have the opportunity to meet with Google engineers and peers to discuss solutions. This series will cover topics like: arrays, strings, recursion and more. This series is recommended for students participating in introductory computer science courses at GSU, but is open to anyone looking to practice their skills in these topics. 


Career Development Series is a 6-week series of workshops focused on resume writing and interview practice with a heavy focus on data structures and algorithms. This series is recommended for students within two years of graduation, based on coursework (CSC 2720+), but open to anyone with some knowledge of data structures and algorithms. 


Both opportunities will come with access to a Slack community of peers and Googlers participating in these programs.

Please express interest no later than Tuesday, September 7th.