Job Announcement:

·         The CS Department is accepting applications for undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA) positions for Fall 2021:


o    UTAs work as graders and/or tutors
Below are 6 courses that UTAs will assist students with: 

·         CSC 1301 (Principles of Computer Science I)

·         CSC 1302 (Principles of Computer Science II)

·         CSC 2510 (Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science)

·         CSC 2720 (Data Structures)

·         CSC 3210 (Computer Organization and Programming)

·         CSC 3320 (System-Level Programming)


Duties of UTA might include: timely and consistent grading, preparing answer keys, meeting with professors regularly to discuss solutions/grading, answering students emails if it pertains to UTA work, keeping records and a backup system with grade data, posting grades and announcements on iCollege, and others as determined by the professor/supervisor. 

Tutoring includes being able to answer questions on topics from all 6 courses listed above, and guiding students to get the answer themselves (tutors are not allowed to solve problems for students).



Requirements: students must have completed all 6 courses listed above (must have grades posted for those courses).


Please apply at this link.

Applications are due August 22 or until the positions are filled.