Dear PhD students,

If you are asked to teach courses in this Fall, please ignore this email.

The deadline of submitting your GTA preference is Today.

If you are being supported by our department funding (including MBD/BB fellowships), please submit your GTA preference for Fall 2021 in OGMS (<>) by Today, including at least 3 courses with lab sessions (1***/2***/3*** courses) as your preferred courses.PhD students are generally expected to work as lab TAs.

After login, click “Funding” on the left panel. Then click “GTA Application”. Click the ‘Apply’ button to begin. All the fields are required. Use the email that you check regularly. Make sure to correctly input your email address (e.g., don’t miss ‘student’ in ******<mailto:******>).

Please note: you should log in OGMS through VPN due to a server issue. Instructions for connecting to GSU VPN can be found at<>


Wei (Lisa) Li, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Georgia State University
25 Park Place, Suite 722
Atlanta, GA 30303