Weekly CS Undergraduate Newsletter  #36
March 3rd, 2021



         Girls Who Code event - Tech Career Prep (Internships & Fall 2021)

o    Excited about your career in CS?! Want to learn more about preparing for the opportunities that interest you at Google? Join us as we discuss recommended experiences, resumes, classes and skills to best align you with future opportunities at Google.

o    March 8th, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM (see flyer) 

o    RSVP: http://goo.gle/3bUVEqr

  See article by GSU Signal: https://georgiastatesignal.com/girls-who-code-expands-their-campus-outreach/ 

         Facebook’s Programming Club@GSU is hosting three events this week. Attend any of the following based on your interests:

o    Friday 3/5 @ 2 - 3:30 PM EST 

  Twenty Questions Game: We’ll create a classic game called 20 Questions in Java! This is a fun guessing game where a person chooses a mystery object, and the program guesses that object through a series of yes or no questions. We will review the basics of Binary Trees and Java. No prior experience is required.

  Meet on Zoom: https://gsuprogclub.github.io/zoom

         Resources: How-To-Play 20 Questions Game:

o    https://party-games.wonderhowto.com/how-to/play-game-20-questions-350991/

o    Saturday 3/6 @ 2 - 4 PM EST 

  Interview Prep: For Saturdays Interview preparation, we’ll be covering Heaps! Heaps are tree-based data structures that are defined by max or min-heap properties. Heaps are also commonly implemented through priority queues which are an extension of regular queues. This data structure is useful when removing objects based on high or low priority.

         Meet on Zoom:  https://gsuprogclub.github.io/zoom

o    Sunday 3/7 @ 2 - 4 PM EST 

  Mock Interviews: Join us for a mock interview prep session where club leaders will take everyone through a demo interview, providing observations on what to expect and tips on doing well. Afterward, everyone will get a chance to practice interview-level questions in pairs.

         Meet on Discord in the #interview-prep voice channel:

o    https://discord.gg/pxJAqXX



         2021 TMLS Virtual Workshop, please join us on March 20th from 9am - 3pm for HackDLC: Video-based movement analysis tutorial and hackathon. 

o    HackDLC aims to bring together the community of undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, engineers, data scientists, and faculty with diverse expertise and training to learn to conduct video-based movement analysis. The event will focus on using DeepLabCut (DLC), an open-source software package for the analysis of video data of animal and human movements. DLC enables marker-less pose estimation and movement analysis based on transfer learning with deep neural networks.

         To register for HackDLC, please go to: https://forms.gle/9WTaHeCeidRfp6rz7

o    (see flyer) 

Job Opportunity:

         Trinoor is looking for a recent college graduate with technical and interpersonal skills to become the North American TAShelix product expert and provide internal and external support to the Trinoor Customer Support and Pre-Sales organizations.

o    The successful candidate will have at least some working knowledge of the use of web-services in modern system architectures and should have experience in programming on one or more of any number of coding platforms: JAVA, Java Script, C, PHP, C#, Ksh, PL/SQL, SQL etc.

o    Oracle or MS SQL Server database experience is a plus. Knowledge of Linux also a big plus.

  Please see the full job position at https://www.trinoor.com/about/careers/ 

         (see flyer) 




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