Dear PhD Students,

Our department will implement a new Ph.D. Teaching Assistantship (TA) stipend policy. Under the new policy, PhD students will be appointed for 10 months in a year (August to May) with an optional Summer appointment (June and July) depending on instructional needs. Currently, a GTAís monthly stipend is $1,583 and is asked to teach at least once per year. Under the new policy, the monthly stipend is increased to $1,650 for a GTA and $1,900 for a Teaching Fellow. Only Teaching Fellows are expected to teach. Following are the general ideas of the new policy.

1. Teaching Fellow: $1,900 monthly stipend; teach 2 sections of a same class in Fall or/and Spring (5/10 months); optional to teach in Summer (2 months); senior students who have passed the qualifying exam and have demonstrated excellent teaching performance are eligible to apply.

2. Graduate Teaching Assistant: $1,650 monthly stipend; work as a lab TA/grader in Fall & Spring (10 months); optional to be a GTA in Summer (2 months); new students with GTA offer are guaranteed 12 months GTA salary for the 1st academic year; need PhD advisorís approval/recommendation to apply.

3. A PhD student can receive TA for up to 5 years. Funding renewal depends on advisor's annual evaluation and teaching performance for the first 4 years. If a student has received TA for 4 years and expects the assistantship to be renewed for the 5th year, the Graduate Committee will evaluate the studentís overall performance to decide whether the assistantship can be renewed. Upon assistantship renewal, a 5th year student may be asked to teach at least once.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. If you are interested in working as a Teaching Fellow in Fall 2021, please let me know.

Dr. Yingshu Li
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Computer Science
Georgia State University