Dear International Students,
If you plan to submit an application for CPT (Curricular Practical Training) or RCL (Reduced Course Load), please follow the following steps.
 Step 1: Submit a CPT/RCL application in OGMS<>.
Step 2: Share your (internship) details with your academic advisor, asking her/him to approve your application in OGMS. Without your advisor's approval, your application cannot be approved by DGS.
Step 3: After your application in OGMS is approved by DGS, contact Ms. Tammie Dudley to register for the CPT course CSC 8940.
Step 4: Submit a CPT/RCL application in iStart. (Input the DGS's email for approval)
Step 5: Make sure you decline any type of Graduate Assistantship (ie., GRA, GTA) in the same term as your CPT authorization.
Thank you,
CS Graduate Team