Weekly CS Undergraduate Newsletter  #35
February 24th, 2021



         UPS Info Session / Girls++ collaborates with UPS Brand Ambassador

o    Thursday February 25th

o    (see flyer to register) 


         Girls Who Code - College Loop at Georgia State - Github Workshop 

o    February 26th from 3pm - 4:30pm (see flyer) 


         Facebook’s Programming Club@GSU is hosting two events this week. Attend any of the following based on your interests:

o    Friday 2/26 @ 2 - 4 pm

  Guest Speaker:

         We're incredibly excited to announce that we’re inviting our very first industry guest speaker, a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, Jon! Jon will be speaking about what he's learned throughout his experience at Microsoft while working in the industry. We encourage you to attend this event as you'll get an insight into the industry while getting a chance to ask any questions you might have after. If you currently have any questions you would like to ask before the event, please fill out the form and be sure to attend the meeting link below!

         Meet on Zoom:  https://gsuprogclub.github.io/zoom

         Question Form: https://forms.gle/rEdMqcZxBE11PNdp9


o    Saturday 2/27 @ 2 - 4 pm 

  Interview Preparation:  

         For Saturday’s Interview preparation session, we’ll be covering LinkedLists, Stacks, and Queues in Java! These are the fundamental data structures that help with data organization, management, and storage allocation, commonly seen throughout almost all programming languages. This event is an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn -- whether you are new to programming/Java or currently taking data structures/algorithms. Please be sure to sign up prior and attend the meeting link below!

         Meet on Zoom: https://gsuprogclub.github.io/zoom

         RSVP Here: https://forms.gle/d3wFNL6nCgCLbTzm9


Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

         Summer 2021 REU - Florida International University - Research Experience for Undergraduates

o    Advanced Secured Sensor Enabling Technologies

  May 28th - August 4th 2021

  Details about REU-ASSET including an online application, can be found at: https://it2.fiu.edu/IT2_REU.php 


         Manhattan Associates Recruiting Event - March 4th - sponsored by University Career Services

o   Thursday, March 4th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

o   Register at think link

         Associate Implementation Consultant - Join to innovate Health Information Technology HIX Enrollment (edifecs.com)

o    This position is ideal for candidates who enjoy working with clients. You will become expert in one of our five products and will focus on helping our customers as they onboard and integrate our software into their ecosystem. Must know Java and SQL with strong technical aptitude and also have strong interpersonal skills. Remote positions available


         Naval Surface Warfare Center in Corona, CA is running a Hirethon! Seeking candidates for Data Science/Analytics positions (full-time & internships).

o    Application deadline is February 28th  




         Applications being accepted for Twitter’s Engineering Early Career 2021 program (see link) 


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