Hi all,
It has come to my attention that some of you may not have all the relevant dates and deadlines for Spring 2021 ready at hand. As a reminder, there is a handy checklist for you to follow in the PDF version of the graduate handbook. Here are deadlines for this semester, broken down by which semester you are in right now:

1st Semester students: take classes! Complete CITI Responsible Conduct of Research course/test (www.citiprogram.org<http://www.citiprogram.org>). And meet with faculty members to discuss research interest/ potential MA thesis/ capstone topics.

2nd Semester students: Choose thesis or capstone track

  *   March 2: (thesis) form thesis committee by this date
  *   (thesis) Work on IRB if applicable, begin preparation for thesis prospectus

3rd Semester students:

  *   Make sure you have a plan to satisfy the language/ skills course requirement
  *   Thesis students work on prospectus
  *   March 2: (capstone) submit form with chosen advisor
  *   March 22: (thesis) prospectus due date
  *   April 4: Apply for graduation by this date if you plan on graduating in the summer
  *   July 25: Apply for graduation by this date if you plan on graduating in the fall

4th Semester students:

  *   Check to make sure you have fulfilled all course requirements and non-course milestones
  *   March 2: Final deadline to submit non-course milestones
  *   March 5: (thesis) Initial deadline to submit MA thesis formatting to library
  *   March 10: first draft of thesis/ capstone to advisor
  *   April 16: (thesis) final deadline to submit embargo request (to have library not release thesis to the public)
  *   April 16: (thesis) recommended deadline for thesis defense
  *   April 26: Final deadline to submit thesis or non-thesis (capstone) approval form

Additional summer deadlines can be found here: https://cas.gsu.edu/graduation-calendar-deadlines/

And semester calendars can be found here: https://registrar.gsu.edu/registration/semester-calendars-exam-schedules/