Hi all, 

Please see attached for funded opportunities to work with the UN Women's program in New York. Some of these positions sound wonderful for our grads! Both recent BA graduates and MA students are invited to apply. 

Best, j.p.

Jennifer Patico
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Anthropology
Georgia State University
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Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2021, 2:50 PM
To: Richard D Phillips; Nancy Reeves Mansfield; Sally Wallace; Michael Herb; Laura Anne Hastings; Gregory C Lisby; Jennifer J Patico; Eric Wright; Lindsey L Cohen
Cc: Elizabeth J. West; Maurice J. Hobson; Stephanie Yvette Evans; Jonathan Gayles; Ritu Aneja; Suazette Reid Mooring; Brian Douglas Thoms; Dionne Michelle Clark; Renee Schatteman
Subject: New student award opportunity.


On the referral of Dean Sara Rosen, below is the link to an award that the Center for Studies on Africa and its Diaspora (www.csad.gsu.edu) has been made aware of.

While the closing date is approaching, perhaps the alert may help to create awareness for your students. Thanks for your consideration.


Warm Regards

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Jennie Ward-Robinson, Ph.D.
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