Hi grad students,


I hope you are having a restful break and looking forward to coming back to GSU (at least virtually) in a few days.


You have just received an announcement of an upcoming lecture being presented to our Department by Dr. Alaka Wali. It should be *really* interesting, and what it will provide in addition to a stimulating lecture is the chance to be exposed to an intellectual community parallel to ours, since faculty and students of the Department of Anthropology at University of Illinois at Chicago will also be part of the audience, Q&A, etc.


I also want to make sure you know that attendance at this event is strongly encouraged for all anthropology graduate students at GSU. We consider this to be part of your training and of your participation in the program and the life of the Department. We understand that a few may have unchangeable family commitments, etc., but we have scheduled this so as to be sure there is no conflict with classes, and we expect to see most of you attending. Learning about the work of experts and emergent scholars from other departments is key to our intellectual life as anthropologists, and my plan is to hold such events more regularly in the coming year and beyond.


Happy New Year! We are looking forward to seeing you, whether on campus or online, in a few days.


Best, j.p.


Jennifer Patico

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Anthropology

Georgia State University

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