Dr. Black,
I am starting to get a little worried, I still have a hold in place from Dean of Students regarding a background check for a misdemeanor conviction in 2013 (reckless driving). I have completed my background check and emailed them my personal statement, but it has been almost two weeks and the hold is still in place. I have emailed them twice with no reply. Now classes are filling up quickly. I was wondering if you had any guidance on further steps I can take to get this resolved.

Very Respectfully,

Van Forbes
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Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2020 10:30 AM
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Subject: advisement for spring courses

Hello all,

Happy holidays! Iíve gotten some queries about course selection for next semester that make me think I ought to email all of you with some information. So here we go:

  1.  When it comes to course selection, I am considered your advisor until you select a thesis chair/ capstone advisor. After that, itís me and that other faculty advisor together.
  2.  Always try to take care of required courses when they are available, ideally during your first two semesters as a full-time student.
  3.  Next semester, Anthropological Theory and Praxis is being offered. This is a required course. ALL first year students (first or second semester) must enroll in this course unless you have a strong justification for doing otherwise.
  4.  If you are looking for another course, consider Primate Behavioral Ecology! We are hoping to fill more seats in that class. Also, the methods in bioanth course is being offered next semester.

Take care,

Dr. Black