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I just received the following message from faculty in Urban Studies about an (unpaid) research opportunity this spring and/or summer. You could potentially enroll in internship credits associated with this and/or use it as the basis for a capstone project. You can contact Dr. Li directly if you are interested ([log in to unmask]), and be sure to keep me in the loop too!


Mobility Solutions to Better Health


The absence of safe, timely, affordable transportation can be a major barrier for access to healthcare, healthy foods, and other social support services essential to health. Targeting low-income individuals with chronic health conditions, this project explores several approaches to improve individual mobility and access to essential services and support systems. We aim to address the transportation barriers that contribute to health disparities, as well as to test the effects of various forms of mobility assistance on health outcomes. 


The project will work in conjunction with the Food as Medicine program, an initiative led by Grady Health System that prescribes healthy foods and provides nutrition information to food-insecure diabetic patients. We will use a randomized controlled trial to test how various mobility supports affect health-related behavior, travel patterns, healthcare utilization, and physical and mental health outcomes. 




Fei Li, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Urban Studies Institute | Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Georgia State University | 55 Park Place NE, #809 | Atlanta, GA 30303

Tel: 404-413-0204