Hi Megan,

Thanks so much for offering! I’m not sure. I’ll check, and also we’ll see what else shakes out today.

Take care,

Dr. Black


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Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 8:53 AM
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Subject: Re: Emergency housing?


Dr Black,

Do you know if she has transportation?  My mom and I are in Stockbridge, and we can put her up while she looks for a new place, but getting to campus might be an issue.  If she is fine taking the Xpress commuter bus that will be fine, but I wanted to check if that's okay with her?


Megan Murdock


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Subject: Emergency housing?


Dear students,


I realize this is a big ask given the situation with COVID-19, but I still need to ask: one of our students was supposed to move into a new apartment yesterday or the day before but when she arrived she were told that one of her new roommates had tested positive for COVID so she could not move in. If anyone might have a space for her to stay until she is able to work out alternative accommodations, I know she would be very appreciative. Please contact me if this might be a possibility.


Dr. Black