Graduate Students:

If you’ve submitted all of the materials listed below and did not receive a payment, please contact the Payroll Office.  

In-person:  1 Park Place, 3rd floor

By phone:  404-413-3302




FYI/UPDATE - On behalf of by Robert Elmore


From: Robert Elmore
Sent: Thursday, October 1, 2020 11:34 AM
Subject: FW: Graduate Assistant Update


If you did not receive a paycheck, please follow the following instructions and submit needed materials immediately:


Good morning,


As of today, we have approximately 120 Grads who have not submitted all required documents (electronic and/or supplemental) to complete the hire process.  If your newly hired Grads are not in OneUSG, please reach out to them to ensure all required documents (see below) have been submitted.   



It is Payroll’s intent to include any outstanding Graduate Assistants’ payments in the Off Cycle payroll process for Friday, October 16th