Dear Students,


Due to technical issues with OGMS, some of your foundation course waiver and graduate transfer credit applications did not upload.

The system has been fixed over the weekend.


If you do not see a record of your application in your OGMS account, please re-submit your foundation waiver and/or graduate credit transfer application form in OGMS.


If you submitted the transcript to me already, then please do not re-send it again. You only need to complete the form on OGMS again. If you can see the record of your request, please do not re-submit the request in OGMS again.



Zhisheng Yan

Assistant Professor






Due to technical issues in the OGMS system,  I’m requesting that you resubmit your foundation course waiver or graduate transfer credit application in OGMS.  If you can see a record of your application, there is no need to re-submit your application.


Thank you,


Graduate Team