Hello CSc majors,
Please see the below events sponsored by Devpost

AWS Data Exchange Challenge
- Goal: Build (or update) a data-driven solution that tells a story by employing at least one of the categories using at least two AWS services and at least one of the 3rd-party data products from AWS Data Exchange providers.
- Categories: Data Visualization, Data Analysis,Data and Machine Learning
- Prizes: Over $35,000 in prizes
- Deadline: August 24
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/AWSde20u

PyTorch Summer Hackathon
- Goal: Build projects using PyTorch in one of the three categories: PyTorch Developer Tools, Web/Mobile Applications powered by PyTorch, PyTorch Responsible AI Development Tools
- Prizes: Over $25,000 in prizes
- Deadline: August 25
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/PyTorch20u

- Goal: Use Substrate to build/update a blockchain, or build/update any project in the Open Hack for the Kusama ecosystem. (For more details on the submission requirements, please see the Hacker Guide.)
- Prizes: $30,000 in prizes
- Deadline: August 14
- Details + Registration: https://bit.ly/Hackusama20u