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Subject: Re: Graduate Assistant Opportunities for Fall 2020

Dr.  Li,


Can you send this out to your students?  We are looking for two GAs for Fall.


Thank you,



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Date: Monday, March 9, 2020 at 1:41 PM
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Subject: Fw: Graduate Assistant Opportunities for Summer 2020


Employer: Georgia State University


Job Type: Graduate Assistants (2) - On Campus Student Employment - Part-Time


GSU IIT is looking for two Graduate Assistant application developer to work on web development projects related to research-related web applications and administrative application conversions.  The development will happen on-site (75 Piedmont AVE NE, Atlanta, GA 30303) in close cooperation with the GSU team via pair-coding sessions. A web application based on the current GSUs stack:  Ionic/AngularNode.js, TypeScript Serverless framework with AWS CloudFront, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, VPC, Oracle Rest Data Services, OAuth2.0/OpenID Connect, Jenkins-based continuous integration/delivery.  Please submit resumes to [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask] Students who are currently accepted into their programs will receive a monthly stipend and also a tuition waiver. 



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Pamela M. Joseph
Manager, Application Design & Development 
Strategic Applications & Development 
Office of Instructional Innovation & Technology 


(678) 891.3464


(770) 851.2703

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