Hello CSc students,
Please see the invitation below: 


Description: EOSIO Virtual Hackathon Coding for Change to build blockchain solutions to help society cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only is this a chance for students to learn more about building on the EOSIO platform and get a shot at the $100,000 prize, but also to collaborate with the developer community to help build a more resilient future in transition to new ways of working, schooling and living.

EOSIO Virtual Hackathon Coding for Change 🌍
- Goal: Apply blockchain technology to address the problems and/or expected societal changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic
- Prizes: $100,000 USD
- Deadline: June 1, 2020
- Registration: https://bit.ly/EOSIOH20u

PS: The EOSIO Smart Contracts Challenge is also still open.  The first round of judging happens around May 18th and $200,000 USD goes to the first individual/team to solve the challenge (See rules for full details) http://bit.ly/EOSIO20u

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