Dear M.S. student,

It is MANDATORY for all graduate assistants working as a grader or lab assistant to complete the CETL online training listed below. Please hurry and sign up before the fall semester !!!!

Thank you,

The CS Graduate Team



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Subject: GTA Sections of Mastering Online Teaching | Starting Summer Successfully Online | Mini-Grant Applications | Events and News for Faculty

Hi All,


Please see the email below from CETL regarding training opportunities for graduate teaching assistants.  This training was developed with guidance from our college specifically for graduate assistants who are acting in any sort of supporting role for online teaching.  Much like we are doing for faculty who are teaching online, we ask that you require your GTAs to take advantage of this training if they will be supporting online teaching in any capacity this summer and fall.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this training opportunity.






Amber Amari

Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs
College of Arts & Sciences
Georgia State University



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Subject: GTA Sections of Mastering Online Teaching | Starting Summer Successfully Online | Mini-Grant Applications | Events and News for Faculty


News, events and resources for instructors at Georgia State University from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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News for Faculty from CETL

May 14, 2020


New Sections of Mastering Online Teaching for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) can register for specially tailored sections of CETL's Mastering Online Teaching workshop. The GTA course sections are for teaching assistants who are not instructors of record. They consist of a two-week asynchronous workshop delivered in iCollege and cover best practices in student engagement and the monitoring of techniques for online courses, including pedagogical and tool recommendations. GTAs are welcome to participate to learn how to effectively help with online teaching this summer or fall semester.

Register during these available times: 

Mastering Online Teaching for Faculty

Prepare to deliver summer session courses online or get ready for fall by mastering the fundamentals of online course design in this mini-course offered through iCollege. Plan your course, develop an assessment strategy, learn how to disseminate content, implement a communication strategy and get your course online effectively.

Register during these available times:


Prepare to Deliver Summer Instruction Online

The Keep Teaching website provides an overview of how to prepare your summer session classes in iCollege and much more.

Review Our Five Steps to Prepare for Summer >


Help Students Prepare for Summer Coursework Online

Support is available to help students get started with online coursework this summer. Students can visit for advice on preparing to learn online, information on Internet and device options, including equipment checkout and more.

online webinars help orient students to technologies for collaboration, understanding content in iCollege and using the Kaltura media hosting tool for online courses and assignments.


Apply by May 15 for a CETL Mini-Grant

Get support for your teaching and scholarship goals.

CETL mini-grants support new teaching projects or allow faculty to expand on current projects. Applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching. Awards will be made up to $3,500 and can be used for summer support, travel, research supplies or graduate research/teaching assistant help.

Applicants can propose a project design in these tracks:

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • College to Career
  • General Pedagogy and Teaching Practices

Applications due Friday, May 15.

Learn More & Apply for a Mini-Grant >


Learn How You Can Sign Documents Electronically with Adobe Sign

Monday, May 18 and Tuesday, May 19

Learn how you can quickly sign any document with electronic signature. Adobe Sign makes it legal, secure and digital.

Register for this event to work with Adobe experts to digitize and streamline your paper processes.

Register to Learn More About Adobe Sign >


Extension of Adobe Creative Cloud Access for Students

Adobe has announced a final extension to the free license for student access to Adobe Creative Cloud from personal devices. The license is now available until July 6. Students can access and use the software with their CampusID and password through the extension date.

Learn More About Adobe Creative Cloud >

Additional software available to students through campus license can be found at the Software Download page.

Software Download >

Instructional Support Available Online:
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.
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Help Requests:
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