Dear MS students,

We will begin to assign GTAs for Summer 2020 shortly. All the courses of Summer 2020 will be taught online.

If you are interested in the TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIP with TUITION WAIVER for Summer 2020, please apply in OGMS ( by April 29th, 2020. Please select 5 preferred courses including at least 2 courses which have lab sessions (1***/2***/3*** courses) as your preferred courses.
After login, click “Funding” on the left panel. Then click “GTA Application”. Click the ‘Apply’ button to begin. All the fields are required. Use the email that you check regularly. Make sure to correctly input your email address (e.g., don’t miss ‘student’ in ******


Wei (Lisa) Li, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Georgia State University
25 Park Place, Suite 733
Atlanta, GA 30303