Hello CSc majors,
There is an opportunity available on-campus for a developer (please see announcement below and in the attachment)

Making neuroimaging deep learning easier for scientists

This project is focused on wrapping neuroimaging software, mainly deep learning models, into docker and singularity containers.  Writing Docker files, setting up microservices, extensive testing of the obtained solutions on real brain imaging data maintained using DataLad/git-annex, maintaining public repositories of the services.  The project is a unique opportunity to learn to work in a multi-institutional collaboration and be a part of a student team that spans MIT and GSU.


   - shell scripting

   - experience working with git

   - experience with python

   - some familiarity with container technologies (Docker, Singularity)

What you will learn:

  *   How to work collaboratively on Github
  *   How to version code and data
  *   How to perform continuous integration testing
  *   How to deliver robust software services
  *   How to manage data and analytics through containers

If interested, send your resume to:

Sergey Plis, PhD
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Director of Machine Learning Core
Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science
Georgia State University
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