Dear GTAs,

If you teach a course/lab, please ensure that:

  *   Classes must start and end at the assigned time. If classes end before their time, some exercises or an open discussion should be provided.
  *   Your course coordinator may visit your classes/labs and report your teaching performance to the department. If you donít know who your course coordinator is, please contact Tammie.
  *   Please attend at least one of your course coordinatorís classes, and you should answer the following questions while in class watching coordinator and students and send/submit the report to the coordinator at the end of the class:
        *   How does the coordinator use the board?
        *   Does the coordinator use clear marks and large font size?
        *   What are the coordinator's discussion techniques?
        *   How does the coordinator interact with students?
        *   What is the student participation?
        *   Quality of questions from both students and coordinator?
        *   How does the coordinator provide feedback to students?
        *   How does the coordinator response to students?
        *   How does the coordinator monitor student learning?

Yingshu Li, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Computer Science
Georgia State University