Dear MS students,

If you are interested in the TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIP with TUITION WAIVER for Spring 2020, please apply in OGMS ( by Dec. 16th, 2019. Please select 5 preferred courses including at least 2 courses which have lab sessions (1***/2***/3*** courses) as your preferred courses.
After login, click ¡°Funding¡± on the left panel. Then click ¡°GTA Application¡±. Click the ¡®Apply¡¯ button to begin. All the fields are required. Use the email that you check regularly. Make sure to correctly input your email address (e.g., don¡¯t miss ¡®student¡¯ in ******

Best regards,

Wei (Lisa) Li, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Georgia State University
25 Park Place, Suite 733
Atlanta, GA 30303