Dear colleagues,

Sergey Plis will be giving a Neuroimaging Research presentation this week at 2 pm on Friday in the TReNDS Center (55 Park Place, 18th floor). See below for title and abstract, and the flyer for more information! Come learn about machine learning approaches to understanding the brain...

Title: Deep learning in neuroimaging

Information-rich multimodal and multisubject brain imaging datasets facilitate understanding brain function and dysfunction but they are extremely complex. Automatic knowledge discovery from these data could distill their complexity to self-evident information. This talk covers our use and development of deep learning for this task: knowledge discovery in neuroimaging. I will explain why deeper models work better on our data, show how we can use them to discover information about populations of subjects, demonstrate how these models pay attention to structure and function, what they learn about brain dynamics, how they can beat state of the art neuroimaging tools at their game and more.


Sergey Plis, PhD

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Director of Machine Learning Core

Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science

Georgia State University

55 Park Place, Floor 18, room 1821