Dear CSc students:

The CS department will host a Facebook sponsored programming contest on October 15th. The deadline to sign up is October 1st. Please consider participating in this event. See more details below. 



On October 15th, from 4:30-7:00PM in Langdale Hall 500, we will be holding our first ever Facebook-sponsored programming contest! Food, swag, and prizes will be provided.

You will compete in teams of 3, with one computer. As a team you will tackle various puzzles and problems that span a variety of algorithmic concepts, similar to what’s done in the actual competitive programming contests.


Who: ANY Georgia State student can participate.

Where: Langdale Hall 500
When: October 15th, 5-7 (Arrive early to get food, swag, etc.)


The deadline to sign up is October 1st, end of day.

Each team only needs to sign up once in total.

Sign up here:

To practice or get a feel for the contest format, join our competitive programming team! We meet Tuesdays at 5 in Langdale Hall 500.
Join our Slack here:


Xiaolin Hu
Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Computer Science
Georgia State University 
404-413-5716 (office)