Hello CSc majors,

If you are interested in collaborating with Math/CS students from Emory on a project, then please see the invitation below (flyer attached).


Attention GSU CS majors, 


I am a mathematics student at Emory, and along with two Emory PhD students, I am currently recruiting students interested in computer science and math (or more specifically, in data science, machine learning, and statistics) to join a project advised by Professor Ymir Vigfusson. 

The project involves collecting and analyzing Coke rewards codes to identify potential liabilities behind the generation of such codes. The project will last throughout the summer and part of the next academic year. Students may participate remotely or in person at Emory during the summer. The attached flyer and the following site have a little more detail: https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/code/. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Dylanger Pittman ([log in to unmask]) or Xiangxi Gao ([log in to unmask]), the PhD students who are running this project.


Adeli Hutton



Recruiting Flyer--Emory University Math and Computer Science Outreach Project