Hello CSc majors,


Representatives from Facebook will be holding a Town Hall meeting next Tuesday (March 26th), in the Computer Science Department Conference Room 755, from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. The goal of the Town Hall is for FB representatives to learn more about our computer science students and the content of their CS courses. The potential outcome from Facebook's visit to our campus is to develop a collaboration between GSU and Facebook called the Engineer in Residence (EIR) program (see description of the program below).

The CS Department is inviting all CS undergraduate students to attend this Town Hall and your participation will be greatly appreciated.

*Please know that seating is limited*

Facebook's Engineer in Residence (EIR) program aims to cultivate students' CS fundamentals, contribute to CS program culture and community, and engage with university faculty to scale innovations to CS curricula. As part of our EIR program model, we provide Facebook engineering talent to contribute to the design and instruction of undergraduate coursework in both the Fall and Spring semesters. We work with partners over the course of 3-years, beginning with students' data structures and algorithms coursework, and offer a menu of additional programs and partnerships that help provide students access to opportunities and an ecosystem of challenge and support in CS. Over the past three years, our CS Education Initiatives have served 1000+ students and hired more than 30 interns and full time employees from our partners (84% of whom identify as underrepresented in tech). Moreover, we've helped increase students' interview-readiness by 3X and place 76% of students from our interview prep programs into summer internships in tech - more than twice the rate as the previous summer.

Here are a few additional resources about the program from the perspective of current students:




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