Dear students:


Dr. Jun Kong from Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics in GSU is now recruiting students, both at PhD and Master level, for biomedical image analysis research. Qualified students will be financially supported.


For Master students:

1.     Candidates are required to be good at programming languages of Python, Javascript, Ruby (on the rails framework), matlab, C++.

2.     Candidates are required to be familiar with PostgreSQL, Three.JS, OpenCV, OpenGL, ITK, and VTK.

3.     Candidates are expected to be familiar with popular deep learning architectures and toolboxes.

4.     Candidates are preferred to have some experience with web development and High Performance Computing.


For PhD students:

1.  Candidates are required to have good background in at least one of the following areas: Mathematics, Computer Science, Biostatistics, or Biomedical Engineering.

2.  Strong motivation for image analysis related research and Strong sense of responsibility to complete research in a timely manner.

3.  Good experience with deep learning methods for large-scale image analysis

4.  Some experience with large-scale image registration, detection, segmentation, and classification.

4. Good GPA in major courses, especially mathematics and computer related courses.

To get yourself more sense of the research work in Dr. Kong’s lab, please visit the following websites for more information:


For those who are interested in this position, please send email to [log in to unmask] with your resume. Thanks!

Jun Kong, PhD Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Georgia State University Department of Biomedical Informatics, Emory University Department of Computer Science, Emory University

Winship Cancer Institute