CS Club invites you to Learn about Raspberry Pi, how to use it, and how to built awesome robotics and IoT projects with it!

Instructor: Md Modasshir from Autonomous Field Robotics Laboratory, USC.

Bio: Primary research interest of Modasshir is Deep Learning in Robotic Vision. Currently, he is working towards solutions to find out visual cues for robot localization and mapping for underwater autonomous vehicle using deep learning models. His work focuses on fusing AI with traditional Robotics for efficient adaptation of autonomous Robots in diverse terrains.

March 8, Friday, Room 755, 7th floor,
25 Park Place, From 2:30 pm till 5:00 pm
Please RSVP using the QR code bellow.

Group of participants will have access to Raspberry Pi to gain hands on experience!
Plus, Door Prize & Free FOOD!

[https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/Bn_xxRHfXHoyApwm8Mom4Sp3i5UhXtaKUdXRWGjWpPkDUFeLLXs4Osn_NwhP0A-pwy5YGMZKATzcTyMz03PUpoC3kBb0NJRezHVOmOZkfQGP6neI16usrIWGNtcvnB0P0GHyrnMDl31T4g] [https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/tTkvEaLg-8MW2Jnc7KV1-NfEyijdGiX7MlSEoeHsZzT9LsvRe27z_LtbruFjuebLflRqfUrnvakyp2d_1PdPmk6uUBuxSgT54t3D_HlENsaBO1pdTQZpTqOdSiDglG9233-YCXfpWRKDog] [https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/KkmTLackw4egI-YvZQKQ6oIgw5m8njrhH9N6Fgs4MFMQih23PTI1TuzNvKfz8YWKFkKG2EWLZbTqTxBbe0UET1_rcsNCVp50cDIdpF7MUrq-oo5EzLuL09uoQsJKBWi3aF84C9oSrcC9kw]


Krishanu Sarker