Dear CS students: 

Each year, the GSU Student Technology Fee (Tech Fee) program ( ) selects and funds a set of Tech Fee proposals submitted from the departments across the university. The CS department submitted 3 Tech Fee proposals in this year, all aiming to improve the technology accessibility of our students to meet the educational objectives of the department. The three proposals are listed below. 
• AI & Deep Learning Platform for Education, PI: Jonathan Shihao Ji
• Mini Capstone Experience using Raspberry PIs for Computer Science Majors, PI: Awad Mussa
• Cybersecurity Lab, PI: Wei Li

The Tech Fee committee currently is seeking students to vote on the Tech Fee Proposals submitted in this year. Please sign up to this event and participate in the voting. We have an increasingly large number of students, but without your participation and voting the Tech Fee committee won’t hear our voices when deciding which proposals to fund. Your participation in the voting is extremely important!

Please use the following google doc to sign up, and make sure to come to the Tech Fee Voting Session in Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) next Wednesday starting at 10am.  

Xiaolin Hu
Associate Professor
Student Technology Fee Coordinator of the CS Department 
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