Hello CSc majors,

Please see the announcement below:



Dear Students:


Last Friday's Poster & Demo Day Event attracted many students & faculty and received lots of positive feedback. Students really appreciated and liked the interactions with faculty and their peers. Please visit the following links to see some photos of this event. 




Thank Elizabeth Hazzard for taking the photos. Thank Heta Desai, Anuja Parameshwaran, Juan Diego Marin, and Ryan Walden for their volunteer work. We hope to see continued support from you in future CS poster & demo events. 


Based on faculty's evaluations, below are the winners of the poster/demo competition: 


Best Undergraduate Student Poster: 

Student(s): Team 1 (FrontEnd): Avneet Sethi, Michael Wheeler, Storm Simpson, Riyan Imam, Jocelyn Lopez; 

                     Team 2 (BackEnd): Samuel Logsdon, Perry Story, Steven Chung, Marcus Williams, Harsh Bhatt

                     Team 3 (Administrator): Aaron Lewis, Mohamed Bouh, Matthew Rinoldo, Stephen Agbenu, Young Kim

Title: Emoji Checker App

Mentor: William Gregory Johnson


Best Graduate Student Poster: 

Student(s): Rashed Rahman, 

Title: A Novel Architecture for Ultra–High Signal-to-Interference-Noise-Ratio (SINR) Reception in Visible Light Communication

Mentor: Ashwin Ashok


Best Demo:

Student(s): Kevin Michael Aiken, Richard Marquet, Michael Hankins, Phu Pham

Title: BluTracking

Mentor: Rao Casturi 



On Behalf of the Program Committee of 2018 Fall CS Demo & Poster Day