Dear Graduate Assistants,

The following cubicles located in 25 Park Place on the 6th floor are available for study and research (650 B – E and 651 A-H).

The seating is available on a first come first serve basis; however, due to limited seating the department encourages you to share the space.

Please keep the noise to a MINIMUM.

If you need office space, you can hold office hours in area (650 L-R), unless you’ve been assigned to the tutoring center.

Each grader is responsible for filling out the form (located on the storage bin of 650 L-R) with your office hours.

Please create form if you don’t see one posted!

If you have any questions or concerns. please let me know.


Cubicles available for Study and Research

Cubicles Available for GTA Level A Office Hours

650 (B-E) & 651 (A-D)

650 L

651 (E-H)

650 (M-N)

651 (J-M)

650 (P-R)


Thank you,


Tammie Dudley

Administrative Specialist, M.P.A.

Department of Computer Science