I am one of the coordinators for the newly formed Atlanta ACM chapter and as a start we are organizing Meetups every month. We inaugurate the Meetup with the talk on September 14 (today) which is going to be held at our very own GSU CS conference room (Room 755), starting 5.30pm. 


Hopefully you can make it as this is a last minute notice.






ACM Atlanta Chapter Meetup — Join us for our 1st meetup with Brian Akins, Staff Engineer at Mailchimp, as he discusses Kubernetes as a datacenter operating system.



5:30pm - Doors Open / Networking

6:15pm - Presentation + Q&A

7:30pm - Closing conversations

8:00pm - Departure

*** Please arrive before 6:00 PM if possible, due to after hours security ***

Talk Summary

We often examine container orchestration from the "bottom up" - namespaces, cgroups, containers, etc. However, if we are willing to push an analogy a bit, we can explore the datacenter as a computer and systems such as Kubernetes acting as the operating system. We'll look at topics such as scheduling, permissions, intput/output, introspection, etc.

Speaker Bio

Brian Akins (https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianakins/) is a 20 year industry veteran. He has done a bit of everything - from assembly to CSS, racking servers to building distributed systems. For the last few years, he’s been into container orchestration and operating infrastructure using projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Fluentd. He is currently Staff Engineer at MailChimp. Brian lives with his wife and four kids in the suburbs of Atlanta.



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