With, Dr. Ashwin Ashok ([log in to unmask]) Please email Ashwin Ashok if you have any questions.

Project 1: IoT sensor testbed deployment in CS Dept. in collaboration with Cytilife (startup)

Number of openings: 2

Duration: 9 months (Sep 2017 – May 2017)

Required skills: web technologies/development, C++/Java

Additional skills: experience with mobile development (Android, iOS), sensors is a plus

Funding: No

Outcomes: M.S. Project, Papers, Industry white-paper/use-case


Must register for M.S. project with the instructor.

Students with TA in the CS Dept. are strongly encouraged to apply

Project 2: Computer Vision and IoT based Visually Impaired Assistance System

Number of openings: 2

Duration: 10 months (Sep 2017 – June 2017)

Required skills: C++/Java, MATLAB programming, Image processing/Computer Vision, Linux

Additional skills: experience with Android, cloud (Azure/AWS) is a plus

Funding: GRA (reviewed each semester – max 2 semesters)

Outcomes: M.S. Project, Papers, possibility of extending to Ph.D. program.


Must register for M.S. project with the instructor.

Must have completed an Image processing or Computer Vision course before.

Students looking for funding for 2 semesters are encouraged to apply.

You will be asked to limit coursework to 2. Can register for research credits.


Brief writeup (max 1pg) that includes your skillset relevant to this project, any examples of past project outcomes, sourcecode (copy only link – Github, BitBucket), and motivation for doing this project (e.g. research experience before starting PhD program..). Append your 2 page CV (strictly 2pg) to the writeup and upload – files more than 3 pages will NOT be reviewed.

Dropbox upload link for Project 1:

Dropbox upload link for Project 2:

Applications will be reviewed on first-come basis. An interview will precede the selection

Please send your application in no later than 9AM on 5th Sep 2017