Hello CSc majors,


If you are interested in working part time for Coca-Cola, please consider applying for the position below.
Please note: The hours for the position are non-traditional, so be sure to read the job description carefully. Also, be sure to send your resume and cover letter directly to Russell Combs at [log in to unmask] . Mr. Combs would prefer a short cover letter to accompany your resume.


Company Name: Coca-Cola
Location: Mid-town

Job Title: PC Move/Refresh
Job Type: Part-Time Contract (April through December)
Targeted Rate/Salary: 10/hr
Scope of work: Performs installs, moves, adds, and changes to PC equipment and peripherals. The Coca-Cola Company is planning moving associates throughout the AOC campus, the tentative schedule is attached below and smaller Departmental moves when scheduled. The next move is schedule
d for April 6 till April 10, 2016, for ~75 associates. With most moving starting on Thursday at 5:00 pm disconnecting machines and reconnecting Friday or Saturday. When equipment is moved. The equipment will be in labeled with user’s name, KO ID and phone number. 

Top 3-5 requirements:
Enterprise experience with installs, moves, adds, and changes to PC equipment and peripherals
Must be able to sign on for the part time contracts through the end of the year. 
job sizzle/benefits: 
Get technical experience with the most recognizable global brand.

Thursday: 5PM-10PM
Friday: 7AM – 2 or 4PM
Possibly work on Saturday should all PC moves not be completed on Friday

• 4/7/2017 
• 5/5/2017 
• 6/23/17 
• 7/28/17 
• 8/25/17 
• Oct 2017 
• Nov 2017 
• Dec 2017


Submit all resumes to Russell Combs [log in to unmask]. Cover letters are not required, but, preferred.