$200.00 Prize

Award:  This award recognizes a graduate student who has produced an outstanding paper on any topic in anthropology. The awardee receives $200 and a framed certificate which will be presented at the Awards ceremony in April.

Eligibility:  All anthropology students currently in the M.A. degree program, and students who have graduated in 2015.

Submission guidelines:  Students are invited to submit their best research paper (max length: 20 pages, double-spaced and with a 12 point font).  The submissions will be judged on originality, contribution to the discipline, writing style, and appropriate use of citations.  Only one submission per student is allowed.

Deadline:  Monday, February 22.  Place a hard copy in the mailbox of the Graduate Director for Anthropology (Dr. Jennifer Patico).  Please include a phone number and email address.