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Quality of Service in Clouds: Issues and Challenges in Guaranteeing Application Performance

Start: 07/13/2015 1:30 pm

End: 07/13/2015 2:30 pm

Departmental Colloquium

Dr. J. Lakshmi

Principal Research Scientist

Supercomputer Education and Research Centre

Indian Institute of Science



Cloud computing is the new paradigm for using distributed resources in a versatile way by different applications with varying demands. Cloud computing setups provide a utilitarian aspect to computing by providing resources on demand. Most cloud architectures have built upon existing system architectures using software constructs to provide the required system abstractions. As cloud adoption is increasing, many issues and challenges are becoming evident with this system model. The Cloud Systems Lab is engaged in exploring and evaluating cloud system architectures to support the myriad desirable properties of the compute clouds. The majority of cloud installations worldwide depend on a variety of system virtualization techniques to support the cloud models. This lab has been involved in understanding and analysing the system virtualization stack with a view to exploring the design space for innovations in system architectures to support cloud properties like guaranteed application performance, security, availability, etc. The virtualization stack includes system hardware architecture, hypervisor design, and operating system constructs to support virtualization, and cloud middleware extensions to support different design goals emanating from different application usage. In this talk I will present the result of various efforts undertaken in the lab and their outcomes. The focus of the talk is on supporting quality of service and the issues and challenges encountered in supporting application performance guarantees on clouds.

About the Speaker: Dr. J. Lakshmi has been working at the Supercomputer Education and Research Center (SERC) in Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India, for the last 18 years. She is the convener for the “Cloud Systems Lab” of SERC. Her research interests are in the areas of system virtualization, operating systems, and distributed systems, with a focus on architecture exploration for supporting quality of service for performance, security, fault-tolerance, availability, etc. She is a member of the IEEE. She also leads the team in SERC that manages and supports the High Performance Computing Center of IISc. This center is an Institute-wide computing facility that hosts the fastest supercomputer in India, as of February 2015, and is connected to about 48 academic departments of the Institute.

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