Dear Students -

Here is an update for the Summer schedule.

- We have added a new section for CSc 4210 (Computer Architecture). The class times are Tues/Thurs 12:00 - 3:25. Please go ahead and register for this class if you want.

- We have requested a new Special Topics class to be added to the schedule. This will be a 4 credit hour class on Semantic Web. Please see the attachment for details about the class. It will count towards the Database and Knowledge Based Systems concentration. The class time will start at 5:30 on Tues/Thurs. The class will meet like a 3 credit hour class, but include a web-learning component. We will have more details soon.

We are also working to add new sections for the Fall semester. These updates will be sent out within the next couple of weeks.

Good luck with your finals for the Spring semester!

Anu G. Bourgeois, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Computer Science
Georgia State University
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