Dear CSc Students -

Registration opened up this week for Fall 2015, and we already have a number of classes that are full. We are requesting you all to sign up on the new wait list system, if needed. You can find it at the following site:

You should submit your requests as soon as possible, although, we will not begin processing the requests until we are closer to the start of the semester.

Please note the following:

1. Adding your name to the wait list will not automatically add you to a class.

2. We will not be reducing the capacities or blocking classes, so if you add your name to the wait list, you should continue to check the schedule for open slots. (In an ideal world, once you add your name to the wait list, you shouldn't have to do this and would automatically be added to the class if approved, but the reality is that we don't have enough resources to manually handle this.)

3. Be realistic when noting your expected semester for graduation. If you select a semester that is not possible for you to graduate, then all of your requests will be rejected without notice. (This was the case for the Spring wait list -- we denied requests for those that provided blatantly false graduation dates)

4. Be realistic when selecting your classes to request. If you do not meet the prereqs for a requested class, then all of your requests will be rejected without notice. This does not apply to prereq waivers that have been directly requested and approved. (Send any such requests to [log in to unmask])

5. Do not send messages asking where you stand or if your request will be approved. Also, do not send messages asking about the cross-listed XL slots. These messages will not be answered.

6. If your wait list request is granted, you will receive an email sent to your account. You will have 48 hours after the message is sent to add the approved class to your schedule. So you need to check your email regularly.

7. Do not contact the instructors to see if you can get an overflow waiver.

Thank you -