Georgia State University Police Department

The following is the Georgia State University Police Department Daily Crime and Fire Report summary from 7:00 a.m. March 06, 2015 through 7:00 a.m. March 09, 2015.



Courtland Street

15-0231 GSU Officers responded to a driver driving the wrong way on a one-way. Upon contact with the driver Officers noticed that the driver eyes were red, watery, disoriented and speech slurred. The driver admitted to drinking and was transported to Fulton County Jail for DUI without incident.


Decatur Street

15-0232 GSU Officers observed an individual roaming the campus. Officers made contact with the individual and it was confirmed after a Criminal history check was completed that he had a warrant. He was arrested and transported to Fulton County Jail with nothing further.



Gilmer Street

15-0229 GSU student reported that his vehicle was broken into on Gilmer Street directly across from Arts and Humanities. The student stated he parked his vehicle on Gilmer Street and when he came back to his vehicle the front driver side window was found shattered. A MacBook Pro laptop was stolen from the vehicle. This case is under investigation.


Sports Arena

15-0230 GSU Officers responded a suspicious individual was seen by GSU PD Officers hiding behind the Sports Arena on Collins Street. Criminal Trespass Warning was issued and he was escorted off campus. Case cleared.


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