Georgia State University Police Department

The following is the Georgia State University Police Department Daily Crime and Fire Report summary from 7:00 a.m. March 09, 2015 through 7:00 a.m. March 10, 2015.





No arrest were made.





Urban Life

15-0233-GSU Security observed a non-GSU individual enter the men’s restroom on the first floor. When an officer arrived the subject told the officer that he was not a GSU student. He was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning and was escorted off the property.

Decatur Street

15-0234- A GSU student reported that a suspicious male followed her to her classroom in the Classroom South Building. The student stated that the suspicious male boarded the same Marta train that she did at the Dunwoody Marta Station. She said he followed her into the Classroom and sat outside of the classroom until she went into the classroom and never said anything to her. Officers later made contact with the individual and advised him to not come back to campus. He left the area without incident.

Langdale Hall

15-0236- A GSU Faculty member reported that an unknown male snatched his work phone while he was cleaning the men’s restroom on the third floor. The Faculty member stated that he advised the male not to enter because he was cleaning. The Faculty member attempted to take the offender’s picture to send to his supervisor and the male snatched his phone and ran out of the restroom. The case was turned over to the Investigations Division.

Rialto Theater

15-0237- A GSU student reported that a Panther Card reader was stolen off of a table on the first floor. The student stated that he stepped away from the table and when he returned it was gone. The case was turned over to the Investigation Division.



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