Georgia State University Police Department

The following is the Georgia State University Police Departments Daily Crime and Fire Report summary from 7:00 a.m. March 02, 2015 through 7:00 a.m.  March 03, 2015.


Barbra Asher Square/ Off Campus
15-0212 An arrest was made on a Theft that took place at Barbra Asher Square. Suspect fled the area and was chased and apprehended by GSU Officers. He was arrested for Obstruction and Possession of a Knife.


J Parking Deck

15-0214 A suspect was arrested for Trespass after Receiving Prior Notice.


Natural science Building

15-0213 A Professor reported that he is receiving harassing emails from a GSU student.


Sgt. E. Heywood

Criminal Investigation Divisions

15 Edgewood Ave.

Atl. GA. 30303


FAX 404-413-3231

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