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Dear Georgia State Life Sciences Investigators,

If you think that your research has the potential to result in a marketable product or process, we encourage you to consider the valuable opportunity outlined below that provides university investigators with step-by-step guidance through the commercialization process for developing technology and business ideas. This proven program has helped researchers dramatically increase their SBIR application success rate and launch companies in one-third of the time.

Learn to take the first steps to launch a business around your research:

National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) is the nation's premier commercialization program for university research. This three-year-old program is designed to increase the economic impact of NSF basic research. Over 300 teams from dozens of research universities have completed the program, resulting in over 150 new startup companies.

I encourage you to take part in I-Corps South (managed by Georgia Tech) - a six-week program modeled after the NSF national I-Corps program, but dedicated to life sciences researchers. After completing this intensive program, you will know if there is a market opportunity sufficient for you to launch a business. This life sciences program is open to teams of researchers in the Southeast focusing on the following institutions:

Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia State University
University of Georgia
Emory University
Georgia Regents University
Morehouse School of Medicine
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Each team must have three or four members consisting of the following:

  • Entrepreneur Lead (one or two per team, required) – Provides leadership to the team, organizes the customer discovery activity, spokesperson for the project. Usually a grad student or postdoc.
  • Principal Investigator (one per team, optional) – Provides technical leadership. Usually a professor who was the PI for the related research grants.
  • Mentor (one per team, required) – Provides business expertise and guidance to the team. Entrepreneur or executive with deep industry experience. If you do not have a team mentor, please contact us, via the Georgia State contact listed below and we will help you find one. Do not apply until a mentor is committed to your team.

If you plan to apply or if you have questions about putting together a team to apply for this program, please contact Georiga State's point person Dr. Kelly Stout,University Research Services & Administration, at 404-413-5475.

Click here for more information and to apply your team for consideration for this program. Applications are now open and the last day to apply for the 2014 program is Aug. 29, 2014.


James A. Weyhenmeyer, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research for Research and Economic Development

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