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Sent: Monday, July 14, 2014 2:34 PM
To: Yi Pan; Sushil K. Prasad; Raj Sunderraman
Subject: Computing at SPSU

Drs. Pan, Prasad, and Sunderraman,

I have some good news related to the CS program at GA State.  One of your alumni (me) has been named Department Chair in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Along with this honor, I'll have the pleasure (work) of ensuring all of our courses have quality instructors.  We're busting at the seams with students, and I'd like to call on you for help.

Through your network, can you please forward this call for instructors to anyone who might have interest?  We have positions for three lecturers (full-time and ongoing) and a 1-year position... so four total.

If you could pass on this opportunity to any recent CS GA State graduates (MS or PhD) who might be interested and who haven't received other appointments yet, I'd be happy to help them.

I sincerely appreciate your help.

The following is the announcement:

- - -

SPSU's computing programs in CS and SWE continue to grow, and as a result, we have need for additional full and part-time teachers.  These appointments would begin in August.

The following courses are in need of instructors:

Computer Organization and Architecture
Operating Systems
Applications Programming
Distributed Computing
Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Advanced Programming and Data Structures
Programming and Problem Solving 1 and 2
Mobile Systems
Computer Ethics
Software Systems Engineering.

Instructors need to have a Masters or PhD in CS, Software Engineering, IT, or related field.

For more information about SPSU and the School of Computing and Software Engineering, please see<> and<>.

Please contact Dr. Jon A Preston ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) to submit a resume and for more information.

- - -

Thank you for your help!



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