Dear Students,
In the Fall 2014, I will teach the Neurophysics course on graduate and
undergraduate level.
This course will cover theoretical findings and experimental approaches
provided by physics.
The overlap between physics and neuroscience is a growing area of
interdisciplinary quantitative research in neuroscience.
During the course you will learn to write your own programs inMatlab and
to conduct bifurcation analysis of neuronal dynamics using program

Please, take a look at the flyer attached.
Next week we will have Informational Session for Neurophysics where I will
present the course and answer questions. The session will be held at
Classroom:  309 Classroom South, July 21st at 1:00 - 2:00pm.
Gennady Cymbalyuk


Neuroscience + Physics = Quantitative Neuroscience
Instructor: Gennady Cymbalyuk

When: Monday-Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm Where: Arts & Humanities 319
NEUR 4340 CRN: 85837 NEUR 6340 CRN: 85838 PHYS 4340 CRN: 87072 PHYS 6340
CRN: 87073
Prerequisites: NEUR 3000, and PHYS 2212K or consent of the instructor

Fundamentals of Physics of Neuronal Systems
Quantitative and Qualitative Laws of Neuronal Dynamics

Your knowledge of Physics for exams like MCAT
Kinematics of limb motion Coordinate Systems
Muscles and Reflexes Laws of Dynamics
Ionic Channels and Pumps Biophysically Accurate Neuronal Models
Dynamics of a single neuron Regimes of electrical activity of neurons
Multistability of neuronal activity Energy cost of rest and spiking
Transcranial magnetic stimulation Laws of Electricity and Magnetism
Synaptic coupling & Neuronal Networks Synchronization of neuronal networks
Neural Coding Self-organized criticality

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